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Being a Rewards member has so many benefits!

  • 1. The more you spend, the more you save.
  • 2. Earn and spend points at all our locations.
  • 3. Access to coupons, exclusive sales and more.

Save on fuel

Yes, this program just gives extra deals, coupons and promotional information. For being a rewards member you earn 1 point for every $1 spent (pre-tax, will match the subtotal line). These points are used for fuel or an instore credit. You can choose which program when you register or update your account.

The customer will provide their Rewards phone number when they shop and for every dollar spent pre-tax, they earn 1 point. Exclusions apply and will not earn points on items in these categories.

  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Licenses
  • Postage Stamps
  • Money Order
  • Ticket Sales
  • Bus Pass

Our rewards program is a special way for us to give back and say thank you to our guests. There is no card to get the sales price and you never have to clip paper coupons again. You get exclusive discounts, thank you gifts, surprise discounts at the register and rewards points towards fuel or instore credits.

You earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Make sure to give your phone number to cashier everytime you visit Khoury's Market.

You can choose to use your points towards an instore credit or fuel. If you choose fuel every 100 points gives you 10¢ a gallon one of our stations. If you choose instore credit for the grocery program on the first of every month your points are converted to an instore credit attached to your phone number.

You will accumulate points monthly. From the first day of the month to the last you will earn one point for every dollar spent. Those points are converted to an in-store credit you can use towards your groceries starting on the first day of each month. This excludes the purchase of prescriptions, fuel, money orders, gift cards etc. Credits will be awarded based on points earned. See chart below. At the start of each month you will receive an email with your wallet credit earned. Be sure to give us your current email address so you don’t miss out!

PointsWallet Credit

When you go through the register the cashier will ask for your rewards phone number. They will let you know you have a credit and ask if you want to use it. If yes the cashier will apply your savings to your transaction.

To switch your account to our fuel program follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account on our website.
  2. Once logged in go to rewards in the navigation bar.
  3. Then go to my account.
  4. On the right side click on Update Account Information.
  5. Choose Fuel Rewards and then hit save.

Yes, any points you have in groups of 50 will be converted to a fuel discount when you choose to move your account to fuel. As example if you have 479 points and deicde to switch to fuel your points will drop to 79 and you now have 45¢ a gallon at the pump.

Your fuel savings can be combined for a max savings of $1 a gallon and/or up to 35 gallons max in a single fillup

Every 100 points will be converted to 10¢ off a gallon at our gas stations. To redeem your fuel savings go to the pump and enter in your rewards phone number. Any savings on your acount will reduce the price per a gallon.

Fuel discounts earned in the current month will expire on the last day of the next month. The chart below shows you the earning and expiration calendar.

Fuel Points Earned
In this Month
Expire at the
End of this Day

100 or more fuel points are required to redeem a discount. If you have less than 100 fuel points at th eend of the month these fuel points will not roll over into the next month and will expire.

Yes, you have two options. Add a second phone number to your account either when you register or you can edit your account. The other option is to add a second person on your account that will be able to help you towards earning points and redeeming online coupons.

Try resetting the your password using the email already in use. Then when you are in the account you can view the phone number on your account. If that phone number needs to be changed then update your account

If you have registered on our website your new user name is your email address. You can visit our customer service booth to ask them to pull up your account.

Click on the login option in the top right hand corner of the webiste. Choose reset password and follow the setup to changing your password.

Create an account on our webiste by clicking on the register option. Once you have created an account you can click on the online coupon option and add hundreds of digital coupons to your account. Then purchase the items and use your phone number at the register to redeem the offers. No need to print coupons anymore!

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